Hollow Tine Aerator

Create The Lawn to Envy

Hollow Tine Aerator

Is your lawn getting the best of you? Do the neighbors seem to have the green thumb, and yours  seem like two brown thumbs when it comes to the grass in your yard? Have you tried reviving the lawn, with fertilizers and other super grow combinations and nothing seemed to work? Frustratingly you give up and hardly keep your yard mowed or trimmed, just to add further embarrassment.

Have you heard of hollow tine aerators?

This equipment is fairly inexpensive and easy to use. It is available in hand operated equipment or powered by gas, similar to a lawn mower. In most cases, you should be able to rent it for less than $100 per day.

Aeration is one of the best and most effect ways to restore that ugly lawn. If you follow these simple steps, you can quit hiding your face when you approach the neighbors in the driveway or on the neighborhood walk.

* Aerate once a year ( best if done with a hollow tine aerator)
* Be sure to choose the right time of the year. ( Aerate in the s for warm season grass and late summer or fall for cooler season grass.)
* make one or more passes (more than one pass if damaged grass exists)
* Each additional pass be in the opposite direction.
* Water your grass prior to aeration
* allow plugs to remain on grass to help retain new growth (if you don't like the looks you can remove plugs.)

After aeration, your confidence will return, hold your head up because your grass is on it way back to health. Continue to mow with at least a 3-inch  depth. Keep your blades sharp, as dull blades help burn your grass. I find it healthier  to mulch your grass and your leaves as this seems to produce a great harvest of green lawn in the spring time. The mulch acts like an organic fertilizer allowing for good growth without damaging chemicals. Your experience might be different. However, give it a try you will probably be pleasantly surprised. Besides think of the time saved raking and bagging those persistent agitating leaves that fall whether you want them to or not.

Ok, let's summarize, the reason you aerate to begin with is so your grass can breathe better. It allows for the roots to expand and cause healthier growth. Water will nourish the roots more effectively. Nutrients from the air, earth, and natural transformation will be more prevalent. Over all your lawns will look better, feel better, and have more energy. It will become all that it can be, simply be giving each area of grass more space to grow. Which in its simplest term that is what hollow tine aeration accomplishes. Each hollow tine penetrates the earth, pulls out a plug leaving a small whole, allowing for health to seep into the lawn through the roots.

Not unlike ourselves, when we are given more space, better nutrients, clean air, and plenty of water, we grow healthier, stronger, and our looks and feelings begin to change. Perhaps we can take a lesson from our lawn. Simple care and hygiene will improve life and life styles. This is not an article on personal human health. However, any time we can look at the simple as it most likely confounds the wise, we will be better off.

Just, the act of restoring our lawn and keeping it healthy should generate a change within ourselves. We now can feel that since of accomplishment, we will get more exercise, and we focus our thoughts on things other than ourselves.

Most likely,  will look better, feel better, and have more energy.

Keep up the good work,